Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Fever!

Hi there viewers! Long time no post!

I would like to start by apologizing for my sever lack of updates in the past two months. School has been crazy, being a college senior and all. I have five upper level classes and boy do my professors like tests and group projects this year!! On top of that I have been keeping busy with some awesome volunteer work with my Rotaract club! I am still the treasurer of the club and in addition to that I am planning an art walk on campus at UNF! I'm calling it the Student Arts Market and I'm trying my hardest to make it a success!

Other than my crazy school life, I recently had some crazy dress ups to post about!
I have been known to go all out for Halloween events in October but so far I have already been Pocahontas,  a Rocky Horror Party-er and the Cheshire Cat... and none of those were my actual Halloween costume!!

Here's the costume break down:


I made this costume for my friends birthday party. It was Disney themed and I just had to go as my favorite eco-conscious princess!

This was a very simple costume! I made the skirt out of fabric from the reject bin at Joann fabrics. The top was made from reject bin fabric as well, with fringe made from an old pillowcase and the sweetheart neckline shaped from a piece of melted plastic. I made the necklace out of polymer clay; making a paper necklace first and then using it as a template to make the polymer pieces. I glued the polymer pieces to a strip of fabric and tied it in the back. The head band and feather hair extension were made from a cut up t-shirt and scrap feathers from my feather bin.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Party-er

Every year at UNF, Osprey Productions brings in a performance group from Orlando, called The Rich Weirdos, to have a Rocky Horror Picture Show live performance. I have always loved the movie and the fan culture (my 14th birthday part was RHPS themed) so naturally I have attended the event almost every year. If you haven't heard of or seen the movie, definitely look it up. It's a "science fiction double feature" about some aliens from Transsexual's definitely an acquired taste but I love every bit of it and will always go all out for RHPS events!

I sort of just threw this outfit together with things I already had or made: some lace fishnet tights and a basic black leotard, a denim vest cut from a goodwill jacket that I plan on bedazzling and studding, my CD necklace, copper multi-chain necklace, zipper bracelet, CD ring, gaga costume ring, and some lightning bolt anywhere pins that I made the night before.

My makeup was the real creation of the night, I did an overall black eye with Urban Decay shadow from The Black Pallet, then outlined that with Elf liquid liner. I drew some liquid liner stripes outside my lids, then after applying basic black mascara I took my Jordana silver and Elf gold liquid liner and panted the ends of my lashes as well as my entire eye brows. The picture doesn't quite do it justice but  my brow sure were sparkly! I finished everything off with a red lip!

The Cheshire Cat

This costume is actually not mine; I borrowed it from the people over at the downtown Jacksonville Halloween Doors and More event. The event was for children in community hospice; it gave them the chance to dress up and trick or treat around a safe environment that was so neat! Designers, and hair and makeup artists were brought in to build these giant theme sections of the fairgrounds downtown, and dress up volunteers like the kids' favorite characters. I found out about the event through another Jacksonville Rotaract club and signed up with some friends from my Rotaract club. The event was so much fun and a really great experience!

 I was stationed in Alice's Adventure where there were a bunch of tea party-ers, the queen and all sorts of great decorations! It really did look like wonderland!

I was "perched" on top of this tree trunk looking thing and had to pretend that everyone walking past me was getting REALLY BIG because they ate Alice's candy. They walked straight into the White Rabbit's house after passing me and it was made to be super tiny so the little kids believed they were getting very big!.

I loved my face paint! The woman who did it made it happen in about 2 minutes! The hair however was all me! I was originally supposed to wear a giant mascot head but after wearing it for a little while but face started getting really itchy! When I was waiting in line for hair and makeup, I devised a plan to make ears out of my hair and when it was hair time, I paired up with one of the stylists and we made it happen with some hair ties, pipe cleaners, feathers, and A WHOLE LOT of bobby pins!!

Here are all the other Rotaract characters! You can tell we really had a blast!
Me having a tea party with Professor Trelawney and a Hershey Kiss!

The main stage of the event. There was a dance team from
America's got talent there, and some acrobatic guys that were so awesome!

The entrance to Alice's Adventure.