Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shows that rocked pt. 2

The rock show I went to was in Jacksonville at my favorite concert venue, Freebird Live on jax beach, this past Wednesday night! The show was Neon Trees with Walk The Moon and Twenty| One| Pilots. I quite literally LOVE all three of these bands! Usually when you go to a smaller show like this the opening band is a no name that is pretty good and maybe has some potential, then the middle band probably has a good song or two and the last band is the one that everyone actually came for BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE at this show! Over the past two years I have grown very attached to Neon Trees and Walk the Moon! I discovered Neon Trees from stumbling upon their album "Habits" when it first released. I discovered Walk the Moon through working at American Eagle; their hit song "Anna Sun" was on our summer 2 playlist in 2011...and I was hooked every since.

Twenty| One| Pilots is a totally different story however. I first heard about them when I saw them open for Cobra Starship at UNF last spring for one of Osprey Production's Spring concerts. I have never become to attached to a band this quickly. From the moment that Tyler Joseph (lead vocals) jumped off his piano in a skeleton jump suit I was all in! I HAD to see them again!

Twenty| One| Pilots consists of two Ohio boys (Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun). They are so incredible nice and polite when you get the chance to speak with them. Their lyrics speak of life and the struggles of the inner mind. My current favorite song of theirs is Guns For Hands (link at the bottom). I am almost certain that their sound is what the future of music will sound like. Although Im not in the music biz; as someone who has over ten years of classical  training, I can truly see and feel their talent.

Tyler Joseph at piano
Josh Dun on drums and Tyler Joseph at Piano

Walk the Moon, also from Ohio (whats in the water in Ohio??) consists of lead singer Nick Petricca, bassist Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman on drums and Eli Maiman on guitar. The group has a slew of witty upbeat songs
that just make you want to dance and celebrate life! Their live performance was musically on point! Everything from their harmonies to the balance of the instrumentals was so great!! Although Anna Sun and Tight Rope are probably their best known songs, my current favorite is Shiver Shiver (link at the bottom).

Nick Petricca singing and drumming 

Eli, Nick and Kevin sing "I can Lift a Car"

Neons Trees showed up with a mind blowing performance! As they were performing I couldnt help but think "wow this is a true rock band!" also I kept thinking that Tyler Glenn (lead singer) reminded me so much of Billy Idol with his bleach blonde hair! The music was great! They sounded great! And I have decided that Neon Trees as a whole have become my new fashion inspiration! I really just couldnt get enough of them! My current favorite of theirs off their new album, Picture Show,  is a tie between "Still Young" and "Weekend" (links at the bottom).

I was able to catch up with the guys of Twenty| One| Pilots and Nick from Walk the Moon after the concert. I told them about my seasonal donations to the MS society through Ali Brin Creations and they loved it! They all grabbed some recycled plastic wristbands and struck a pose for my camera in support of Ali Brin Creations Fab for a Cure. 

Tyler Joseph chose a "reduce reuse recycled" gray and yellow WB

Michael Gibson of Twenty| One| Pilots chose a red embroidered WB 

Josh Dun striking it fierce, chose a "reduce reuse recycle" neutral brown and white WB

Nick Petricca chose a neutral "reduce, reuse, recycle " WB
Guns For Hands:
Shiver Shiver:
Still Young:

And you guessed it...I wore my Purple polka dot pants to the concert!!!

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