Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Show Must Go On!

Hey there viewers!!
I haven't posted all summer because I have been so beyond busy but here's why:
At the beginning of the summer I headed home to south Florida to take some classes, work at Holt as an intern and return to my job at American Eagle. For May and June my life was driving to Boca to take class and heading straight down to Miami for my internship with Elisea Nir Wolff at Holt, a luxury evening wear and swimwear label. On my second day with the company I was already toting around Prada shoes for a photo shoot with Adriana De Moura of the Real Housewives of Miami. Needless to say this internship was an adventure!
Here are some behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot!

I didnt know what to expect from Adriana being that she is very well known and a reality TV star but she was so incredibly nice and very polite! She is known for speaking many different languages and was speaking spanish, french and english the second she walked through the door! She gave me the keys to her car so I could get her shoes from the trunk and wow she has great taste in shoes!

Oh AND the whole scenario was being videoed for a French reality show doing a segment on Elisea!

For the first two months of summer I was taking classes in Boca everyday then heading down to Miami afterward, working at AE on the weekends and trying to make some Ali Brin Creations in between. Once my classes ended, I was working at Holt, working at AE every other day and making Creations for my summer jewelry show.

Last week I started working again as the treasurer of the Rotaract club for UNF and had to cut back on my time with Holt. With my extra time I have been able to organize a budget for the club and continue making inventory for my show  which was today (I had a great turnout!).

More pictures to come from the show and I am not finished with Holt yet; I am trying to organize a photoshoot with pop star Ali Lee, singer of "keep it right there" .

Stay tuned for more of my end-of-summer adventures☼

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