Friday, January 27, 2012

Rings and Things

So who remembers when I got those amazing African beads from my professor? 
I sure didnt forget about them! In fact I've started working with seed beads again. I came up with the design for these dainty rings a few months ago and had a couple of them made for my winter jewelry show. They went over pretty well at the show and the ring that I have been wearing has recently won me some compliments so naturally I started making more of them. 

Here are my new rings! I know they look a little odd when they are just sitting around but when they wrap around your finger they look really cool.  

 I made this ring for myself and I love it! Usually I wear giant statement pieces, sometimes even two or more. This one is so simple yet detailed that it can stand alone. The design sort of resembles a leaf wrapped around my finger don't ya think?

(please excuse the chipped nail polish)

 There is only one with the double leaf; I really like it but I thought I would get some second opinions before making a bunch more of them.

What do you all think of the double leaf?
There is also this odd wrap around design that I like but also acknowledge a need for a re-design. I made a prototype and didn't quite perfect it before making the second one. I think I will put these with my silver and navy necklace from 2 posts ago. 

            Over winter break I also made a "thank you" necklace for the professor who allowed me to dig through her amazing collection of hand made African beads. I ran into her yesterday while watching CNN do a live broadcast from my college campus. Oh did I forget to mention?... my college campus was the site for the republican presidential debate. Although I am pretty liberal and CNN being on campus caused my internet to run at the speed of a snail, I think it is so great for UNF to have been involved with the event. We are a pretty small school in comparison to the other Florida schools and I think our legitimacy is sometimes underestimated by others. 

There has been a lot of hubbub on campus for that past week. I got to hang out with John King from CNN and was interviewed for articles by both The Washington Post and NBC. I was actually quoted by NBC commenting on the campus presence of CNN saying "get off my lawn", a true shining moment for myself.  

In other news...the necklace shown below is the one I made for my professor. It is a similar design to the one that I made for myself the day prior. 
 My professor's necklace is made with blue and white African beads, white glass beads, and hand rolled copper wire beads. The style of it is a rounded bare necklace and it falls just to the collar bone.

My necklace is made with yellow coral beads and hand rolled copper pipe beads. The style is also a rounded bar necklace but it is a choker and comes lays just above the collar bone. 
 I think rolled beads will be one of my new "things" because they add so much simplified detail.

 I also made a wrap ring for my professor because I love them and I think the world would be a happier (and fiercer) place if everyone had an Ali Brin statement ring☼

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I Love the necklaces. and I'm sorry I didn't pick up the blue double leaf ring I saw at your winter show. If it is still in stock I will have to get it next time or ask you to make a new one for me. I just LOVE Your stuff and always get complements on it.