Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playing with scraps

So this past Saturday I planned on doing homework all day but the website where my homework is posted was down all day so that idea went out the window. Instead of school work I decided to craft! yaay! 

I have a bunch of scrappy type things laying around including but not limited to: hex nuts, raw cut fabric and old sweat shirts

I made this choker out of left over fabric and hex nuts that were too big and heavy to put on a bracelet. I didn't put a clasp on it so it's length is adjustable. (yay fashion freedom!)


Cat charm zipper wrap bracelet

My mom gave me an old sweat shirt of hers to use for its zippers and fabric and I finally made something cool out of it. I actually got the idea from pinterest but I AliBrinified it a little bit.
Cat charm zipper wrap bracelet
I like to think that this bracelet is an ode to my mom because not only does she love zip up hoodies but she also loves cats. I'm sure she'll want one now even though she might be mad that I'm telling the world about her love of hoodies and cats.

Luv ya mom♥

I will be making more of both of these pieces but they will be less prototypy☼

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