Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun with polymer clay!

 Hi viewers!
I've noticed that a lot of the blogs I follow that have DIY sections use polymer clay for many of their projects. I used to use polymer clay when I was in elementary school making little farm animals but I never acknowledged that you could do anything more sophisticated than that until these blogs started doing so.

Over my winter break my sister found some polymer clay that she got in high school and had never even opened. I brought the clay back up to school with me and last weekend I went to work making charms and beads.

I started off some what recreating a necklace I had seen on Delighted Mamma (link to the blog in the right margin). Once I got the idea of how to cut the clay straight, I tried something else.

I made a bunch of triangular pieces for some reason. I guess I was just feeling the geometric vibe that night. The idea for these earrings has been sitting in my design book for a while but I couldn't find silver triangle pieces or studs (whichever came first) so I just made them.  I posted these to etsy and about an hour after they were up someone had already favorited them!
 After making so many triangle pieces, I got bored and decided to do something more exciting. When I was molding the leaf pieces I didn't think they looked very good but after I baked them they looked awesome. Then I made this twist fasten necklace and they're the best pieces that were made that night! I haven't priced the necklace yet but it will probably be on etsy by the end of next week.

The last piece that I made is a work in progress. I made these super large navy blue pieces withe the intent to make a really cool statement necklace but then I realized I was out of chain which cued me to frantically rummage through my craft boxes, make a giant mess and have no chain to show for it. When I finish the necklace I will be sure to post pictures!    

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  1. Oh I hate it when I'm in the middle of a mad creative flow and then I run out of chain or jump rings, or anything I need for it!! So annoying!
    I love your leaf necklace and the green and black color combination on the triangles! The simplicity of the shape makes it really special I think!