Friday, January 27, 2012

Rings and Things

So who remembers when I got those amazing African beads from my professor? 
I sure didnt forget about them! In fact I've started working with seed beads again. I came up with the design for these dainty rings a few months ago and had a couple of them made for my winter jewelry show. They went over pretty well at the show and the ring that I have been wearing has recently won me some compliments so naturally I started making more of them. 

Here are my new rings! I know they look a little odd when they are just sitting around but when they wrap around your finger they look really cool.  

 I made this ring for myself and I love it! Usually I wear giant statement pieces, sometimes even two or more. This one is so simple yet detailed that it can stand alone. The design sort of resembles a leaf wrapped around my finger don't ya think?

(please excuse the chipped nail polish)

 There is only one with the double leaf; I really like it but I thought I would get some second opinions before making a bunch more of them.

What do you all think of the double leaf?
There is also this odd wrap around design that I like but also acknowledge a need for a re-design. I made a prototype and didn't quite perfect it before making the second one. I think I will put these with my silver and navy necklace from 2 posts ago. 

            Over winter break I also made a "thank you" necklace for the professor who allowed me to dig through her amazing collection of hand made African beads. I ran into her yesterday while watching CNN do a live broadcast from my college campus. Oh did I forget to mention?... my college campus was the site for the republican presidential debate. Although I am pretty liberal and CNN being on campus caused my internet to run at the speed of a snail, I think it is so great for UNF to have been involved with the event. We are a pretty small school in comparison to the other Florida schools and I think our legitimacy is sometimes underestimated by others. 

There has been a lot of hubbub on campus for that past week. I got to hang out with John King from CNN and was interviewed for articles by both The Washington Post and NBC. I was actually quoted by NBC commenting on the campus presence of CNN saying "get off my lawn", a true shining moment for myself.  

In other news...the necklace shown below is the one I made for my professor. It is a similar design to the one that I made for myself the day prior. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playing with scraps

So this past Saturday I planned on doing homework all day but the website where my homework is posted was down all day so that idea went out the window. Instead of school work I decided to craft! yaay! 

I have a bunch of scrappy type things laying around including but not limited to: hex nuts, raw cut fabric and old sweat shirts

I made this choker out of left over fabric and hex nuts that were too big and heavy to put on a bracelet. I didn't put a clasp on it so it's length is adjustable. (yay fashion freedom!)


Cat charm zipper wrap bracelet

My mom gave me an old sweat shirt of hers to use for its zippers and fabric and I finally made something cool out of it. I actually got the idea from pinterest but I AliBrinified it a little bit.
Cat charm zipper wrap bracelet
I like to think that this bracelet is an ode to my mom because not only does she love zip up hoodies but she also loves cats. I'm sure she'll want one now even though she might be mad that I'm telling the world about her love of hoodies and cats.

Luv ya mom♥

I will be making more of both of these pieces but they will be less prototypy☼

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun with polymer clay!

 Hi viewers!
I've noticed that a lot of the blogs I follow that have DIY sections use polymer clay for many of their projects. I used to use polymer clay when I was in elementary school making little farm animals but I never acknowledged that you could do anything more sophisticated than that until these blogs started doing so.

Over my winter break my sister found some polymer clay that she got in high school and had never even opened. I brought the clay back up to school with me and last weekend I went to work making charms and beads.

I started off some what recreating a necklace I had seen on Delighted Mamma (link to the blog in the right margin). Once I got the idea of how to cut the clay straight, I tried something else.

I made a bunch of triangular pieces for some reason. I guess I was just feeling the geometric vibe that night. The idea for these earrings has been sitting in my design book for a while but I couldn't find silver triangle pieces or studs (whichever came first) so I just made them.  I posted these to etsy and about an hour after they were up someone had already favorited them!
 After making so many triangle pieces, I got bored and decided to do something more exciting. When I was molding the leaf pieces I didn't think they looked very good but after I baked them they looked awesome. Then I made this twist fasten necklace and they're the best pieces that were made that night! I haven't priced the necklace yet but it will probably be on etsy by the end of next week.

The last piece that I made is a work in progress. I made these super large navy blue pieces withe the intent to make a really cool statement necklace but then I realized I was out of chain which cued me to frantically rummage through my craft boxes, make a giant mess and have no chain to show for it. When I finish the necklace I will be sure to post pictures!    

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's been a while

Hi viewers!
I've been MIA lately for a few reasons. For one, I was on winter break and although that makes it seem like I should have been posting like crazy...that wasn't the case. For the first week of my break I worked only on my jewelry and preparing for my show. For the rest of the time, I worked like crazy at American Eagle.

Over my break I also started to create and online store for myself. It's not etsy, it's completely separate. Within the next few weeks there will be a great amount of A.B.Cs available for sale on the online store.
 In the mean time however, check out the new items I have posted to my etsy shop

Stay tuned☼