Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Fever!

Hi there viewers! Long time no post!

I would like to start by apologizing for my sever lack of updates in the past two months. School has been crazy, being a college senior and all. I have five upper level classes and boy do my professors like tests and group projects this year!! On top of that I have been keeping busy with some awesome volunteer work with my Rotaract club! I am still the treasurer of the club and in addition to that I am planning an art walk on campus at UNF! I'm calling it the Student Arts Market and I'm trying my hardest to make it a success!

Other than my crazy school life, I recently had some crazy dress ups to post about!
I have been known to go all out for Halloween events in October but so far I have already been Pocahontas,  a Rocky Horror Party-er and the Cheshire Cat... and none of those were my actual Halloween costume!!

Here's the costume break down:


I made this costume for my friends birthday party. It was Disney themed and I just had to go as my favorite eco-conscious princess!

This was a very simple costume! I made the skirt out of fabric from the reject bin at Joann fabrics. The top was made from reject bin fabric as well, with fringe made from an old pillowcase and the sweetheart neckline shaped from a piece of melted plastic. I made the necklace out of polymer clay; making a paper necklace first and then using it as a template to make the polymer pieces. I glued the polymer pieces to a strip of fabric and tied it in the back. The head band and feather hair extension were made from a cut up t-shirt and scrap feathers from my feather bin.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Party-er

Every year at UNF, Osprey Productions brings in a performance group from Orlando, called The Rich Weirdos, to have a Rocky Horror Picture Show live performance. I have always loved the movie and the fan culture (my 14th birthday part was RHPS themed) so naturally I have attended the event almost every year. If you haven't heard of or seen the movie, definitely look it up. It's a "science fiction double feature" about some aliens from Transsexual's definitely an acquired taste but I love every bit of it and will always go all out for RHPS events!

I sort of just threw this outfit together with things I already had or made: some lace fishnet tights and a basic black leotard, a denim vest cut from a goodwill jacket that I plan on bedazzling and studding, my CD necklace, copper multi-chain necklace, zipper bracelet, CD ring, gaga costume ring, and some lightning bolt anywhere pins that I made the night before.

My makeup was the real creation of the night, I did an overall black eye with Urban Decay shadow from The Black Pallet, then outlined that with Elf liquid liner. I drew some liquid liner stripes outside my lids, then after applying basic black mascara I took my Jordana silver and Elf gold liquid liner and panted the ends of my lashes as well as my entire eye brows. The picture doesn't quite do it justice but  my brow sure were sparkly! I finished everything off with a red lip!

The Cheshire Cat

This costume is actually not mine; I borrowed it from the people over at the downtown Jacksonville Halloween Doors and More event. The event was for children in community hospice; it gave them the chance to dress up and trick or treat around a safe environment that was so neat! Designers, and hair and makeup artists were brought in to build these giant theme sections of the fairgrounds downtown, and dress up volunteers like the kids' favorite characters. I found out about the event through another Jacksonville Rotaract club and signed up with some friends from my Rotaract club. The event was so much fun and a really great experience!

 I was stationed in Alice's Adventure where there were a bunch of tea party-ers, the queen and all sorts of great decorations! It really did look like wonderland!

I was "perched" on top of this tree trunk looking thing and had to pretend that everyone walking past me was getting REALLY BIG because they ate Alice's candy. They walked straight into the White Rabbit's house after passing me and it was made to be super tiny so the little kids believed they were getting very big!.

I loved my face paint! The woman who did it made it happen in about 2 minutes! The hair however was all me! I was originally supposed to wear a giant mascot head but after wearing it for a little while but face started getting really itchy! When I was waiting in line for hair and makeup, I devised a plan to make ears out of my hair and when it was hair time, I paired up with one of the stylists and we made it happen with some hair ties, pipe cleaners, feathers, and A WHOLE LOT of bobby pins!!

Here are all the other Rotaract characters! You can tell we really had a blast!
Me having a tea party with Professor Trelawney and a Hershey Kiss!

The main stage of the event. There was a dance team from
America's got talent there, and some acrobatic guys that were so awesome!

The entrance to Alice's Adventure.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Who's Rockin Their ABC's

Two days before I left for Jacksonville I had the pleasure of being on the set of a New You magazine shoot with recording artist Ali Lee. Best known for her single, "Keep It Right There", Ali Lee is a peppy singer/dancer with a drive like no other and enough energy to power the lights in Vegas! I had contacted her through my internship with Holt and knew she would make a great editorial!! Throughout the summer I worked on bringing together Ali and Holt, and just in the nick of time everything worked out.

I told Ali about my seasonal donation to the MS society through Ali Brin Creations and she loved the idea of supporting the cause. The recycled plastic wristband she is rocking in this behind the scenes pic from the shoot is the perfect fit for this kind-hearted spirit! Ali Lee constantly shares her smile as well as her positive outlook on life with her friends and fans!

She is also rocking some ABC peace sign earrings!

We had a great time shooting with Holt for New You magazine!!
Here are some of the final cut photos from the shoot!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shows that rocked pt. 2

The rock show I went to was in Jacksonville at my favorite concert venue, Freebird Live on jax beach, this past Wednesday night! The show was Neon Trees with Walk The Moon and Twenty| One| Pilots. I quite literally LOVE all three of these bands! Usually when you go to a smaller show like this the opening band is a no name that is pretty good and maybe has some potential, then the middle band probably has a good song or two and the last band is the one that everyone actually came for BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE at this show! Over the past two years I have grown very attached to Neon Trees and Walk the Moon! I discovered Neon Trees from stumbling upon their album "Habits" when it first released. I discovered Walk the Moon through working at American Eagle; their hit song "Anna Sun" was on our summer 2 playlist in 2011...and I was hooked every since.

Twenty| One| Pilots is a totally different story however. I first heard about them when I saw them open for Cobra Starship at UNF last spring for one of Osprey Production's Spring concerts. I have never become to attached to a band this quickly. From the moment that Tyler Joseph (lead vocals) jumped off his piano in a skeleton jump suit I was all in! I HAD to see them again!

Twenty| One| Pilots consists of two Ohio boys (Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun). They are so incredible nice and polite when you get the chance to speak with them. Their lyrics speak of life and the struggles of the inner mind. My current favorite song of theirs is Guns For Hands (link at the bottom). I am almost certain that their sound is what the future of music will sound like. Although Im not in the music biz; as someone who has over ten years of classical  training, I can truly see and feel their talent.

Tyler Joseph at piano
Josh Dun on drums and Tyler Joseph at Piano

Walk the Moon, also from Ohio (whats in the water in Ohio??) consists of lead singer Nick Petricca, bassist Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman on drums and Eli Maiman on guitar. The group has a slew of witty upbeat songs

Shows that rocked! Pt. 1

Hi there viewers!
Hope you have all had a great summer!
In the past few weeks I have upped my summer inventory, held a jewelry show in my home, continued with BTS (back to school) at American Eagle, collected a sizable donation to the MS society and gone to an amazing rock show! The time has gone by so fast and I cant believe im headed back to UNF next week! 

All ABC necklaces laid out 
 My show was held on July 21st and it was open to all my friends and neighbors. As usual I have set aside 15% of my show profits as well as all summer profits for donation to the MS Society!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food Critics

Tonight I was supposed to go down to Miami with my sister Sydnee to be in the audience at the X-Factor auditions but the live taping portion was cancelled for some reason so instead we had sister dinner date. At the beginning of the summer we decided we would go around the city looking for the best Sushi places. With this, we made up a grading system to rank the sushi places and have been playing food critic. Tonight we tried a place called Toro sushi and it ranked pretty high on our scale!

Although the restaurant didn't make a perfect score, our outfits sure did! Here's the break down:

 Sydnee went for a very preppy look tonight by wearing an Abercrombie top, this seasons colored Skinnies from American Eagle and my Steve Madden wedges. She paired the outfit with simple pearl studs,  a pearl necklace and Ali Brin Creations charm bracelet.

Her makeup was very simple with neutral shadow, winged eyeliner and a touch of blush.
 I on the other hand went for a severe look as usual. I was rocking my American Eagle purple polka dot skinnies (that we just unpacked at the last floorset), a simple black AE cami, Miley Cyrus denim button down, thrifted belt, and Bamboo Shoes black booties. I was of course wearing a slew of different Ali Brin Creations!!

For necklaces I had my chunky hex nut choker with my classic key necklace. One of my rings is an African wrap ring and the other is a recycled plastic bow ring. I was rocking an arm party with my fish tailed wire bangle, zipper wrap bracelet and color block gold chain bracelet.
My makeup was a Gaga inspired look. I did the edge triangle and crease of my eyes with black shadow and lined the edge of my lids with liquid liner. I finished the top lids with black polka dots along the outside of the black shadow and finished off the look with a fierce red lip.

We ate some amazing sushi at Toro and looked fabulous at the same time☼

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Show Must Go On!

Hey there viewers!!
I haven't posted all summer because I have been so beyond busy but here's why:
At the beginning of the summer I headed home to south Florida to take some classes, work at Holt as an intern and return to my job at American Eagle. For May and June my life was driving to Boca to take class and heading straight down to Miami for my internship with Elisea Nir Wolff at Holt, a luxury evening wear and swimwear label. On my second day with the company I was already toting around Prada shoes for a photo shoot with Adriana De Moura of the Real Housewives of Miami. Needless to say this internship was an adventure!
Here are some behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot!

I didnt know what to expect from Adriana being that she is very well known and a reality TV star but she was so incredibly nice and very polite! She is known for speaking many different languages and was speaking spanish, french and english the second she walked through the door! She gave me the keys to her car so I could get her shoes from the trunk and wow she has great taste in shoes!

Oh AND the whole scenario was being videoed for a French reality show doing a segment on Elisea!

For the first two months of summer I was taking classes in Boca everyday then heading down to Miami afterward, working at AE on the weekends and trying to make some Ali Brin Creations in between. Once my classes ended, I was working at Holt, working at AE every other day and making Creations for my summer jewelry show.

Last week I started working again as the treasurer of the Rotaract club for UNF and had to cut back on my time with Holt. With my extra time I have been able to organize a budget for the club and continue making inventory for my show  which was today (I had a great turnout!).

More pictures to come from the show and I am not finished with Holt yet; I am trying to organize a photoshoot with pop star Ali Lee, singer of "keep it right there" .

Stay tuned for more of my end-of-summer adventures☼

Friday, April 27, 2012


Hi viewers!!
I'm so sorry that I have been M.I.A. lately. Taking six classes was a questionable decision from the start but once finals started, I had to schedule time to breathe!
As far as new designs, I have made two really great creations. I haven't gone into mass production of summer design mode yet so I took my time off to make these really great pieces for a photo shoot!

The first is a two layer skirt made out of purple chiffon.

The second is an AMAZING necklace whose design I thought up while sitting in finance class and studying the shape of the Weighted Average Cost of Capital equation. (Go figure, its a classic Ali Brin move to make a necklace out of an equation)

There will be pictures of my summer line posted soon!!! Stay tuned for home show announcements as well as more avant garde creations like these!! 

☼I'm so ready for summer!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

DIY Cigar box jewelry display!

You will need one cigar box, a pair of cutting sheers, a hot glue gun, a small square of batting or foam and some fabric scraps.

 1st Take a piece of paper and cut it to fit the bottom of the box, then take another piece of paper and make it fit the size of the walls of the box. Once the paper is the right size, cut out your scraps of fabric to a little bit bigger than the paper (the extra is seam allowance). Lastly, cut the batting or foam to the exact size of the bigger piece of paper.
 2nd Fold and glue the sides of the bigger piece of fabric around the batting. Then fold and glue the edges of the smaller pieces. Doing this will hide the raw edges of the fabric and make for a clean look.
 3rd Glue the smaller pieces onto the walls of the box. I put the glue on the wood and then pressed the fabric on from top to bottom, lining up the top of the fabric to the top edge of the wood. Once you're done with the walls of the box, then you can glue down the bottom piece. I made sure to glue down the bigger piece one half at a time and tightly pressed the corners of the fabric into the corners of the box.

 (this step is optional)
Finally I took some water color paint and painted the inner edges of the wood blue just because I thought it gave a nice finished look!

This is a super easy little DIY and you can get as creative as you like. You can do this with multiple fabric pieces or maybe make a little paper frame around the outside of the glass.

Let me know if you try this for yourself and be sure to send any pictures to or feel free to post pictures of your display box to the A.B. Creations facebook page  

Have a great weekend everyone☼

Friday, January 27, 2012

Rings and Things

So who remembers when I got those amazing African beads from my professor? 
I sure didnt forget about them! In fact I've started working with seed beads again. I came up with the design for these dainty rings a few months ago and had a couple of them made for my winter jewelry show. They went over pretty well at the show and the ring that I have been wearing has recently won me some compliments so naturally I started making more of them. 

Here are my new rings! I know they look a little odd when they are just sitting around but when they wrap around your finger they look really cool.  

 I made this ring for myself and I love it! Usually I wear giant statement pieces, sometimes even two or more. This one is so simple yet detailed that it can stand alone. The design sort of resembles a leaf wrapped around my finger don't ya think?

(please excuse the chipped nail polish)

 There is only one with the double leaf; I really like it but I thought I would get some second opinions before making a bunch more of them.

What do you all think of the double leaf?
There is also this odd wrap around design that I like but also acknowledge a need for a re-design. I made a prototype and didn't quite perfect it before making the second one. I think I will put these with my silver and navy necklace from 2 posts ago. 

            Over winter break I also made a "thank you" necklace for the professor who allowed me to dig through her amazing collection of hand made African beads. I ran into her yesterday while watching CNN do a live broadcast from my college campus. Oh did I forget to mention?... my college campus was the site for the republican presidential debate. Although I am pretty liberal and CNN being on campus caused my internet to run at the speed of a snail, I think it is so great for UNF to have been involved with the event. We are a pretty small school in comparison to the other Florida schools and I think our legitimacy is sometimes underestimated by others. 

There has been a lot of hubbub on campus for that past week. I got to hang out with John King from CNN and was interviewed for articles by both The Washington Post and NBC. I was actually quoted by NBC commenting on the campus presence of CNN saying "get off my lawn", a true shining moment for myself.  

In other news...the necklace shown below is the one I made for my professor. It is a similar design to the one that I made for myself the day prior.