Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi viewers!
Just thought I would wish  you all a Happy Thanksgiving and for those of you international viewers, happy regular day. Either way I hope all of you have a great day and find something to make you smile☼

and yes I made my feather head dress... of course :P

Friday, November 11, 2011

Color Craze!

Hi viewers! As you can see I have gone a little color crazy this past week. I was trolling around Joann Fabrics armed with a 40% off coupon AND a 20% entire purchase coupon when I found a GIANT package of embroidery thread. I couldn't help myself! I had to get it!! When I got home, I looked up how to make those cool knots around chain to make it look crocheted. After a few practice runs, I perfected the knot and got to work!

Silver chunk chain $12
 I get so excited when I work with a lot of color combinations because they are so fun to pick out!!

Bronze chunk chain $12

Gold chunk chain...This one is mine and you cant have it :P

Mini silver chain $5

Gold chunk and silver mini chain $7

I made three necklaces, one for myself in gold, one silver and one bronze.

The mini bracelet was the prototype but it came out so adorable!

I made a combo bracelet with some of the scraps left over from the necklaces. I added elastic to the back instead of a clasp for easy wearability☼

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Occupying New York City Pt.2

On day two of my New York trip (Monday Oct. 17th) I got to take a tour of wall street with a guide who works there for a trading company. We learned all about the history of the buildings and the significance of each company's existence. It was really interesting to find out how much change all of the buildings have gone through and how many companies had moved in and out of each one. For instance: one of the oldest banks left standing on wall street has recently been turned into gym. It was so funny looking through the windows and seeing treadmills next to teller booths. We ended the tour at the Federal reserve pictured above. It's a pretty cool looking building but it was even cooler to find out that underneath its modest exterior lays the entirety of the United States gold! If my memory serves me right, I think our tour guide said there are 8000 tons of gold in the vault! We got to go inside of the building and there were all these crazy displays of money; shredded money, counterfeit money, old and new money; it was SO AWESOME! There was a little video game station that let you adjust government spending, consumer spending and interest rate to see what the economy would be like in different scenarios. I played with it for a while starting out with a totally failed economy and then ending my time in a mild's a good thing I'm not president right now. (I'm not really sure where I currently stand with our political situation, I just know the economy is hurtin pretty bad).

After my group was done with the Wall Street tour we headed over to the world financial center where the twin towers once stood. To get a good look at the rebuild project and also to see a little glimpse of some of the business that goes on in the city, we went to the third floor of the AMEX Merrill Lynch building. It was so amazing inside, I don't know why I didn't take pictures! In any case, we headed upstairs and were able to get a good view of the new world trade plaza construction. There was sort of a heavy feeling actually seeing the sight and remembering how long ago it was and how young we all were. I still remember sitting in my fifth grade class (Mrs. Acres) and seeing all the kids get called out of class. And then we turned on the TV to see what had happened. I caught a glimpse of a crane that was at the site (pictured above to the right) and took a picture. I know I've heard people say "never forget" in speeches and on TV, even on t-shirts but for some reason, seeing it spray painted on the side of that crane lift made it all real again.                

To lighten the mood a little bit after our heavy hitting financial tours of the morning, we headed over the Rockefeller center for some typical touristy pictures.

My friend had the idea of taking these awesome pictures with the 30-rock building...

Unfortunately, in order to take these awesome pics he had to transform into "that guy". Oh that's right people, he was laying on the ground in Rockefeller center. I couldn't contain my laughter which made this scene all the more amusing to the group of Italian tourists standing near us. 

Also, just thought I should throw in a picture of the adorable outfit I was sporting on that fine Monday. My black and gray cotton dress that I hemmed to perfection 2 days prior. A thrifted purple leather Talbots waste belt. Purple GAP hoodie layered with my favorite Volcom blazer with a recycled Ali Brin Creations broach on the lapel. Cotton hair rosette. Black opaque tights with black flats and to top it all off...the Betsey Johnson side bag that my parents got me for my 20th birthday this past August.  

Oh yea and did I mention I went shopping at H&M after we took pictures... 

AND I forced my friends to come into the Lego store with me. I was with all boys so I thought for sure they would want to go in but I guess I'm more of a 12 year old boy than all of them. In any rate, they came with me and we had so much fun making Lego people. Unfortunately I couldn't find the specialty pieces that I wanted to make Lego hair bows like Marc Jacobs spring collection in 2007.

Here are some of the awesome characters we made!

           After a quick wardrobe change at the hotel I headed back out by my self to meet up with my cousin Jessie. She is one of my crafty family members and likes making jewelry in her spare time. We both really would love a store front in the city and hey maybe in a few years that will happen. If you haven't guessed already from the picture, we went to the garment district...specifically Mood Fabrics!!! Yea, ya know, the one from project runway!! When I was little I had been in the building before and had passed it a few times. I knew it was a fabric store when I was little but it wasn't until I was older and actually started making clothes and watching project runway that I realized how awesome Mood is. 

 The place is seriously the holy land of awesome fabric! There was so much to choose from and so notions and buttons and feathers and trimmings and amazing textures! I didn't know where to start! Jessie and I sort of just explored around the place for a little bit before I decided on what cut of fabric I was going to get. I went with a leopard print canvas of course! I also got myself a tote and Jessie got me a "thank you mood" T-shirt. They only had giant sizes but I'm Ali Brin...I can fix that AND make it look awesome! 

 We sort of had a mini photo shoot in the store...I couldn't help myself! I practically walked the isles like a runway I just figured there needed to be some fierce documentation!

Everyone there was really awesome and nice and I want to go back to NYC soon so I can explore the rest of the garment district.

Finally, I ended my night by meeting up with the boys. I switched out my cousin Jessie for my cousin Zach, who met me at the Jazz Standard to see the Mingus Big Band. The show was really great and the music was even better! I loved that I got to meet up with my family and adventure around the city ☼