Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some new things

Of course I made some new hair bows! They're my favorite thing to do!
I made one of my good friends a special edition orange plastic wrist band that says "with faith we have it all". I thought up the quote myself (thought it was witty).
 I've started making some new "love" wrist bands because they were such a big hit at the last Art Walk.
 This past Thursday there was a concert on campus and We The Kings was playing. I knew that Charles Trippy is the new bassist for the band so I made him and his fiance Alli "internet killed television" wrist bands.
I you dont already know, Charles and Alli are youtube sensations who are from Florida (yay). Check them out at:
 I put together a little accessory package for Alli because I see her wearing awesome accessories on their vlog all the time. Luckily I got to meet up with the guys of We The Kings and not only got to hang out with them for a short lived minute but Alli was with them so I got to personally give her the little package I put together.
I had a hard time giving up the key necklace I made for her. I love two toned metal pieces and her copper and silver key necklace came out super cool!

We took a picture (of course) but in true Ali Brin fashion we took a video first because I left the camera on video mode...classic Ali Brin☼

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