Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupying New York City Pt.1

Hi viewers!
This past Sunday through Wednesday I was given the opportunity to take a trip to New York city with my honors intermediate economics class. The honors department has awesome trips like this every semester and this time I was able to go! The main reason for going is to see Wall Street, learn about the economic goings on there, see the NY stock exchange and learn about how it works. In our free time on the trip we got to explore the city and do whatever we wanted! I was so pumped for this trip!!

FUN FACT: I'm actually from New York (hurray Long Island)

On Sunday we went to Liberty Island to say hello to
Lady Liberty herself and also Ellis Island to learn about how most of our families immigrated to the
lovely land that is: America!
FUN FACT: The seven points on Lady Liberty's crown are to represent the 7 continents and her right foot is raised to show that she was on the move and had the freedom to do so. Yay freedom!!

 ...and of course I had to strike a fierce pose with Ms. Liberty!
 On the ferry ride back into the city my friends and i decided that we would go the the Brooklyn bridge to watch the sunset. Instead of taking the subway there....we walked....from the Ellis Island the Brooklyn bridge...crazy I KNOW!

On the epic journey to the bridge we passed some of the occupy Wall Street protesters and it was so insane! There were SO MANY people crammed onto this one city block and they all had signs and were shouting things. In the middle of the block there were blankets couches and tents set up for people to sleep and even a makeshift kitchen
where they were passing out food.  I really felt like I was in a history book.

There was a drum circle at the end of the block where people were dancing and hula hooping and streets were lined with a mix of news vans and NYPD officers.

The intense smell of patchouli oil made me feel like I was witnessing a revolution.

Here are some more of the pictures I took of the protesters, there were some crazy things going on!

 Finally after our crazy occupy Wall Street experience, my group and I headed to the Brooklyn bridge. The weather was so perfect and we made it to the half way point just as the sun was going down. By the time we made it to the other side we were all starving so we found a pizza place in Brooklyn to get out nom on!

 Such an amazing night☼

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