Sunday, October 2, 2011

Circuit Board Necklaces

 Hey everyone! Hope you all have had a great weekend (I cant believe it's already Sunday)
Last weekend I went home and my dad gave me a new circuit board to make jewelry with. I always get really excited when I have cool things to tear apart and create from; it's sort of the little 12 year old boy inside me. I spent all day yesterday cutting, sanding and drilling some computer board charms and I think they came out looking pretty cool! I cut and shaped 6 pieces and made 2 necklaces. My hands were so scratched up by the time I was done making the pieces but I didn't want to do all that work and not have anything to show off to my roommates when I was done.
Copper circuit board necklace ($15)

Silver circuit board necklace ($15)

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When I was little I used to think circuit boards looked like tiny
maps of towns. I still think they do ☼
 Ever since I was little I used to look through all of my dads electronic parts and make jewelry out of them. When my dad would take my sister and I to work we used to twist together transistors, resistors and transformers to make rings while he carried on with his day. He had so many bins just filled with all sorts of cool goodies for us to play with. I guess the little girl instinct of "anything can be jewelry" never left me. The picture to right is a circuit board from my broken DVD player. I took all the cool parts off of it (for earrings and charms) and left the actual board to be cut up. I'm never really sure of what I'm going to do with all of the little parts but like any good artist would, I hoard them in little plastic bags and throw them in with all my other crafty junk until I have a really great project to use them for ☼

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