Friday, September 9, 2011

First Jacksonville Art Walk

 Hey everyone! I had a great time this past Wednesday at my very first Jacksonville Art Walk!
My roommate and I were so excited to join in on the fun and we are definitely planning to come back next month. I noticed a few fan favorite items so I will plan accordingly for next time.
Earring display made from a picture frame
and some canvas 

The feather earrings were very popular and I didn't see any vendors with the same feather style as I have so in these upcoming weeks you can expect some new feather creations. Recycled wrist bands were also a big hit and were actually my top seller so those will also be flooding my blog soon. I know you all have different favorites and I would love to know what they are! Leave me a comment here or post on the A.B.C. facebook page to let me know what I should be making this month. I will also be making some new esty posts so stay tuned if you are looking to have your very own A.B.C. and are not currently in the Jacksonville area.
Dont forget to check out my roommate Kristen's blog
Bird cage earring display

Necklace stand made out of American Eagle
floor set extras and PVC 
Next time I think I'm going to need a bigger table☼


  1. I get compliments every time I wear my A.B.C.'s I love my stuff and need more,more,more.I think hair bows this time. I'm looking at the leather looking recycled ones.