Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lovely new florals!

This past Saturday I received some very exciting information! My roommate came back from running saying that there were signs for a bead show all over campus; she looked it up and as it turned out the University Center was having a giant bead show!! It was called the Intergalactic Bead Show and there were signs all around campus that read "IBS beads"...I didn't really pay much attention to the signs when I first saw them because "IBS" was written so big and "beads" was written so small. In all truth I thought there was a convention for people with Irritable Bowl Syndrome and I couldn't stop laughing when my roommate told me it was actually a bead show at which point I exclaimed "I WANNA GO TO IBS!"
....Anyway....we found coupons online to get $2 dollars off our admission and went Sunday morning. It was SO AMAZING! My roommate is used to going to huge bead shows and dropping big bucks for  great finds but I have never been so I was extremely  mesmerized by the whole thing. They filled a huge room from wall to wall with beads, chain, charms, string, wire and pretty much everything my little crafty heart could desire! (haha that rhymed)  I'm not going to give any figures here but lets just say I spent enough to have to wait a while before I can go grocery shopping again.

One of the vendors there had a huge variety of antiqued pieces and Lucite flowers (as seen in these pictures) which I loved so much! I would have bought every color of every flower and metal backing if I could have but I had to hold myself back because of the whole "starving college student" thing. Here are some of the simple stud earring creations I have made so far.
Lucite florets with brass backing, stud earrings $5 

Lucite florets, stud earrings $4
I'm so in love with my floral finds☼


  1. very pretty at first I thought they were hair clips. I kind of wish they were because I don't wear earrings. Maybe you can make me clips. We will talk.

  2. That's a great idea! I'll work on some hair clips and post some pictures soon☼