Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wrap it, Braid it, Rock it!!!

More braided hex-nut bracelets and anklets!!
These new bracelets are a lot different from the original blue tie version; they have clasps and are made from a mix of suede and hemp string.

Hemp braided $8

Suede braided $8

With the 70's style coming back everyone has been embracing what I like to call hippie chic. These wrap bracelets are exactly what you'll need to complete your new look!

Mixed medium wrap, $14

Copper chain, tope suede, black hemp

Hemp wrap $14

These great wraps can be worn 4 different ways (That I could think of) 
1) Bracelet
2) Necklace
3) Anklet
4) headband

If wrapping isnt your thing then these simple braided bracelets are perfect for you! They are $7 each and are also made with chain, suede and hemp. 

Maybe if you wear enough of these awesome wrap bracelets you can be as good as Nicki Minaj...wrap...rap...same thing, right☼

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