Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fine and Feathery

 In the  past few weeks I have received a hand full of customized feather creation orders. They all came about because of the earring pictured above. I went into work one day wearing it all mixed into my hair and once everyone saw it the orders started flying in! All week I have been working on an assortment of feather earrings (both double and single) and feather hair extensions. In preparation for the Jacksonville Artwalk ( that my roommate and I were just accepted to be in) I have also been making some feather necklaces. Here are some pictures of my hard work from this week!

Colorful clip in hair extension $7

Owl and pheasant clip in hair extension

Neon and neutral feather necklace $14
Mixed color earrings $7

Single earring hair extension $7

Pheasant feather braid in hair extension $12

I would like to formally thank Ke$ha for making feathers the COOLEST accessory this summer! I have been trying to keep up with all these feather orders but I gotta tell ya it's been quite a challenge mainly because I try to make a separate version of every special order for the Artwalk. This coming September will be my first time participating the the Jacksonville Artwalk with my roommate Kristen ( and we're both super excited to participate in this downtown jax tradition!
In the comment section below please let me know how you have been rocking your feathers or let me know what your favorite feather colors and accessories are. ☼

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simply Industrial

Suede bow bracelet with hex-nut detail ($5)

Hemp washer bracelet ($5)

Wrap it, Braid it, Rock it!!!

More braided hex-nut bracelets and anklets!!
These new bracelets are a lot different from the original blue tie version; they have clasps and are made from a mix of suede and hemp string.

Hemp braided $8

Suede braided $8

With the 70's style coming back everyone has been embracing what I like to call hippie chic. These wrap bracelets are exactly what you'll need to complete your new look!

Mixed medium wrap, $14

Copper chain, tope suede, black hemp

Hemp wrap $14

These great wraps can be worn 4 different ways (That I could think of) 
1) Bracelet
2) Necklace
3) Anklet
4) headband

If wrapping isnt your thing then these simple braided bracelets are perfect for you! They are $7 each and are also made with chain, suede and hemp. 

Maybe if you wear enough of these awesome wrap bracelets you can be as good as Nicki Minaj...wrap...rap...same thing, right☼