Saturday, June 25, 2011

Purses and Pouches

Surprise! I dont just make jewelry!
These cute little quilted purses are just a few of the many styles of hand bags that I make. Even though there is mostly jewelry posted here, jewelry isnt the only accessory that I make. When i first started crafting I made clothes. Through my adventures in design I have won quite a few awards for my apparel and sewn creations. Obviously my focus has changed a little bit since my introduction to crafting but I still remain passionate about fabric works.

This green and cream quilted envelope pouch has a long shoulder or side strap and a metallic green rhine-stone fastener. It's about 4in by 5in and is priced at $13

Red gold and crocheted is always a great combo for a shoulder/ side bag! This little bag is hand made, measures 5in by 6in and is priced at $9.

Sea foam green with white, blue and purple accents; this little envelope side/ shoulder bag is quilted with a clear rhine-stone fastener. It measures 6in by 7in and is priced at $13.

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