Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Pendants!

I love this twist style necklace!
There is no clasp just two ends with crystals and you twist them together in order to fasten the necklace. It's so simple but so elegant!

This one has black chain with iridescent navy blue and sunshine yellow crystals at the ends.

This is another twist style necklace with copper chain and blue glass beads.

 I'm a sucker for animal print so it's no wonder that I would have some printed beads (of course).
This is a simple pendant with both glass and crystal beads.

Copper on copper! I was watching the movie Atlantis a few days ago and decided that copper and blue go great together! It has sort of become a reoccurring theme in this summers jewelry.

I have a new found love for lockets so for the jewelry show I just had with my college roommate I made a few. This one is silver with a leave and berry raised print and a paisley charm and navy blue crystals.

This last necklace is a very simple engraved heart with a thin gold chain and three green and pink mixed tone glass beads along the left side.

I love these pretty pendants☼
Which one is your favorite?

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  1. The silver locket is so pretty, l.o.v.e. it!!