Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bows For Days

So today, when I was supposed to be making some handbags, I decided to make a whole bunch of new bows! I made about 20 of them and they are all knew designs that I haven't even thought of before today.

I started playing around with printed cotton fabric and I came up with these super chic floral numbers.

I also found some fabric with a pattern that sort of looked like colored bricks. I love how the two sides are different!

They're back! I decided to make some more hair rosettes, or as some of my guy friends call them "hair coasters". I haven't made any of these since I made and attached 14 of them in assorted sizes to a dress that I made to wear at my cousin's wedding.

Am I seeing spots?? Or perhaps just polka dots!
I have accumulated quite a collection of polka dot ribbon and fabric in the past year and what better use it for than making bows!?!?!

And finally I made some patriotic bows for the 4th of July! It took me about ten minutes of staring at this candy-cane type ribbon to decide that I shouldn't wait until Christmas time to use it. I kept mixing it with green ribbon but just didn't like the look of it until I finally grabbed some sheer blue ribbon and loved it!

I think I've got enough bows for my jewelry show now☼

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