Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Pendants!

I love this twist style necklace!
There is no clasp just two ends with crystals and you twist them together in order to fasten the necklace. It's so simple but so elegant!

This one has black chain with iridescent navy blue and sunshine yellow crystals at the ends.

This is another twist style necklace with copper chain and blue glass beads.

 I'm a sucker for animal print so it's no wonder that I would have some printed beads (of course).
This is a simple pendant with both glass and crystal beads.

Copper on copper! I was watching the movie Atlantis a few days ago and decided that copper and blue go great together! It has sort of become a reoccurring theme in this summers jewelry.

I have a new found love for lockets so for the jewelry show I just had with my college roommate I made a few. This one is silver with a leave and berry raised print and a paisley charm and navy blue crystals.

This last necklace is a very simple engraved heart with a thin gold chain and three green and pink mixed tone glass beads along the left side.

I love these pretty pendants☼
Which one is your favorite?

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Awesome and industrial, this super cool bracelet is a subtle accessory that is quite the conversation piece! ($6)

Purses and Pouches

Surprise! I dont just make jewelry!
These cute little quilted purses are just a few of the many styles of hand bags that I make. Even though there is mostly jewelry posted here, jewelry isnt the only accessory that I make. When i first started crafting I made clothes. Through my adventures in design I have won quite a few awards for my apparel and sewn creations. Obviously my focus has changed a little bit since my introduction to crafting but I still remain passionate about fabric works.

This green and cream quilted envelope pouch has a long shoulder or side strap and a metallic green rhine-stone fastener. It's about 4in by 5in and is priced at $13

Red gold and crocheted is always a great combo for a shoulder/ side bag! This little bag is hand made, measures 5in by 6in and is priced at $9.

Sea foam green with white, blue and purple accents; this little envelope side/ shoulder bag is quilted with a clear rhine-stone fastener. It measures 6in by 7in and is priced at $13.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Too much?

Just in case you were dissatisfied by the amount of bows I posted last time, I posted some more!! These are the same style as the bow that I made for myself from the leftovers of my Lady Gaga costume. I've been getting so many compliments on it I though I would make some more to share☼

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bows For Days

So today, when I was supposed to be making some handbags, I decided to make a whole bunch of new bows! I made about 20 of them and they are all knew designs that I haven't even thought of before today.

I started playing around with printed cotton fabric and I came up with these super chic floral numbers.

I also found some fabric with a pattern that sort of looked like colored bricks. I love how the two sides are different!

They're back! I decided to make some more hair rosettes, or as some of my guy friends call them "hair coasters". I haven't made any of these since I made and attached 14 of them in assorted sizes to a dress that I made to wear at my cousin's wedding.

Am I seeing spots?? Or perhaps just polka dots!
I have accumulated quite a collection of polka dot ribbon and fabric in the past year and what better use it for than making bows!?!?!

And finally I made some patriotic bows for the 4th of July! It took me about ten minutes of staring at this candy-cane type ribbon to decide that I shouldn't wait until Christmas time to use it. I kept mixing it with green ribbon but just didn't like the look of it until I finally grabbed some sheer blue ribbon and loved it!

I think I've got enough bows for my jewelry show now☼

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fabulous Feathers!

I have been hard at work making these new feather creations! I've got necklaces, hair accessories and earrings to show for my blood sweat and tears.

The great thing about feather earrings is that they look like hair extensions when your hair is down.

A little touch of peacock is great to add some color to an outfit and with its barrette back you can wear it so many different ways!

Feel like a free bird with these awesome feather accessories☼

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello viewers!
I'm so excited to say that I have some jewelry shows coming up in a week! I'm headed north to Orlando for two home shows that I will be doing with my roommate.
If you don't already know that story here it is: So I entered college with a random roommate, the only thing we had in common was that we were both in the honors program. Once we started talking on facebook we found out that we had SO MUCH in common and we both make jewelry! (how weird right!?!) Our styles are pretty different because she makes a lot of swarovski crystal and pearl beaded creations and I do a lot of vintage inspired chain work but we both have a love of the craft!

Most of the recent creations I have posted have either been for specific customers or in preparation for the upcoming shows. I will continue to post ALL new pieces. Let me know if you would like a creation of your own and please don't be shy; leave comments!! I always appreciate constructive feedback ☼

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Industrial is the New Black!

NEW A.B.C. industrial style!
Lately I've been experimenting with more steam punk looking pieces. Copper tones mixed with cool tones have proved to be a really awesome look!

I took apart a broken DVD player and have been using some of the wire to make some really cool looking new pieces. This bracelet is a white wire wrapped with blue and green thread. There are three different metal tones that are a great blend for a carefree summer look.

The hardware store was having a major sale last week so I took the opportunity to get a few packages of hex-nuts so that I could try making this awesome bracelet (or anklet, whichever you prefer)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rings and Things!!

These new rings are such great little accents for any outfit! They add a great pop of color and are usually quite the conversation piece☼

Floral ring $7

Twist and shout☼