Monday, March 14, 2011

The In Crowd Rocks Feathers!

NEW A.B.C. Feathers for everyone!!
Last saturday I had the pleasure of jammin out at Freebird Live on Jax beach to some great bands and as usual I was ready and willing to pass out A.B.C's to my fave people! I came prepared with one of my new necklace designs to give to Tay Jardine, lead singer of We Are The In Crowd.
I noticed that in their music video for "Both sides of the story" ( Tay was wearing feathers in her hair so I thought it would be appropriate to make a fierce and feathery creation for her. (pictured below is her necklace)

She totally loved it and I got a hug and 2 thank yous ☼

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  1. Thats soooo cool!!! I LOVE THEM!!! awesome necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!