Monday, March 14, 2011


Do you like Ali Brin Creations in real life?
Do you wish that your facebook news feed was graced with the presence of news about Ali Brin and her creations??

Well then my friend, you should 'like' Ali Brin Creations ON FACEBOOK!!!!

The In Crowd Rocks Feathers!

NEW A.B.C. Feathers for everyone!!
Last saturday I had the pleasure of jammin out at Freebird Live on Jax beach to some great bands and as usual I was ready and willing to pass out A.B.C's to my fave people! I came prepared with one of my new necklace designs to give to Tay Jardine, lead singer of We Are The In Crowd.
I noticed that in their music video for "Both sides of the story" ( Tay was wearing feathers in her hair so I thought it would be appropriate to make a fierce and feathery creation for her. (pictured below is her necklace)

She totally loved it and I got a hug and 2 thank yous ☼

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ready Set GO!!

You better believe it, the concerts have begun again!
This picture is just a reminder of what happened at the last concert I went to. So who am I seeing now??? Well, out of a stroke of luck, one of my roommates won 2 tickets to a private acoustic show by The Ready Set unfortunately she has to work the day of the concert so she gave me her tickets and I'm going with my fellow die hard fan, Carmela.

I'm so stoked for this Saturday and I cant wait to show you all what new artists will be rockin A.B.C.'s☼