Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Use What You're Good At

Hi viewers!
I haven't been able to do a decent post in a while because I've been study for a killer accounting exam. I just got back from it and thought I should fill you guys in on my plans so far for this year. It's always good to use what you're good at in order to get ahead in life but it's also good to use your skills in order to help others get ahead. So far I am working on making creations for: An organization I Am For Kids, in Tallahassee, the Relay For Life group that I joined here at UNF and possibly for the UNF Rotaract club. A portion of the funds raised for I Am For Kids will go straight to the organization; all of the funds raised at Relay For Life (at the UNF amphitheatre on April 8-9) will go to cancer research and if I am able to sell creations for the Rotaract club it will go to an organization called kiva (http://www.kiva.org/) which is a website that collects money and sends it to struggling entrepreneurs in various other countries. I'm really excited about putting my creativity to good use and helping these awesome organizations.

Hope you guys will support me in my efforts to save the world☼

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