Monday, November 22, 2010

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

NEW A.B.C. Recycled plastic Wrist Bands
These new awesome bracelets are not only cool looking but they are made out of Eco friendly materials. The band itself is made out of plastic bags! Just like how I made my Lady Gaga costume, I melted down some other plastic super market bags and made these!

I was able to meet Danny Duncan from We The Kings about a week ago and I gave him one of the black plastic bracelets. He seemed to think it was pretty cool.
(I also gave Travis Clark one but I didn't want to bother him with another picture because he had a broken leg and was looking like it really hurt)(I also met Hunter but he left early so I didn't get to give him a wrist band. Maybe next time)

Seriously I was more excited to meet all of them then I was to give them A.B.Creations, although that was the icing on the cake ☼

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