Saturday, October 23, 2010

!!!!!♪♫THIS CENTURY♫♪!!!!!!

OK so this post isn't about an A.B.C. it's about an A.B.F.B. (Ali Brin Fave Band)
If you haven't already heard of "This Century", you need to take a listen!
Also here is my favorite song:

Story time: I became super in love with the band "The Maine" last year and I was watching a tour update that they put on YouTube. In the video, the band was jamming to another band as they drove somewhere...I fell in love with the song that was playing in the background and after searching the lyrics in google, I discovered "This Century". I downloaded all of the music that they had available and they became the soundtrack to my summer. I literally woke up to "No Way Out" almost every morning and I always made super cool dances to it. Last Thursday (Oct 21, 2010) My friend, my sister and I went to one of the concerts that This Century was playing in but we missed their set because we all had late classes. There was supposed to be a meet and greet after the show so we decided to walk around the venue and wait for that instead of paying $18 to listen to half the bands from the line up (we're poor college students). As the three of us were walking around Jax Beach we came to this street and down the street we saw a bunch of guys packing up a van...who were those guys??...THEY WERE THIS CENTURY!! packing up after their set!!!! The three of us walked over to them and were basically like "hi we missed your set cause we had class and now we're sad", SO THEN!! somehow something magical happened and they ended up playing an acoustic version of "No Way Out" for us out of the side of their van!!! (video below)

I was so ecstatic!!! Last summer while jamming and breaking it down to This Century's music I never would have thought that in a few months they would be singing to/with me!!! OH AND WAIT! It gets better...once they were done packing up, we walked with them back to the concert venue!!! BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER!! We hung out with them for a few hours!!! They had to go in and out of the venue a few times but the three of us just waited until the meet and greet and then after that we all just chatted!!!

We took pictures together!! (awesomeness)
(I'm always surprised at how short I am when I look at pictures)
From left to right: Joel-lead singer, Sean- guitar, Alex- the temp bass player while Alex the usual bass player is sick, and Ryan-drums
Fun Facts!
Joel- actually knew what I was talking about when I alluded to Coheed and Cambria...he also wants to be a fish
Sean- told me about this awesome designer named John Derian (check him out: also!! Sean lived in New York and has family on Long Island just like me!!
Alex and Ryan disapeared for most of night so we spent most of our time chillin with Joel and Sean but according to Alex and Ryan- Sand and snow are made of the same is just a frozen version of the other .... who knew? {lolz}

I brought them bracelets that I made with Jacksonville Beach shells on them so they can have a souvenir from the show. And during the forevers that we were chit chatting we started talking about crafts and I mentioned my lady gaga costume and all of my recycled plastic crafts that I did and they all thought my trash bag bow was awesome and they wanted cool trash bag jewelry too.
The lead singer Joel and the guitarist Sean were so cool, they hung out with us all night!! My friend, my sister and I are gunna see them again in November and bring them their awesome new swag and it's gunna be great!!!☼

Here's the video of No Way Out

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