Saturday, October 23, 2010


My latest A.B.C. is most definitely fierce. I was sitting in biology talking with my friend about how I don't know what I'm doing for Halloween when he informed me that the honors program was having a costume contest in 2 days and the winner would get $100. I of course flipped because if you know me, you know I always start making my awesome costumes at the beginning of October and I already had plans of making an AMAZING Lady Gaga costume. Aaaanyway... when I got back to my dorm I started brain storming ideas of how to make Gaga happen in 2 days. I already had:
1) A black leotard
2)Black lace tights
3)A cotton pencil skirt

and all I needed was
1) A fierce crown
2) Bedazzled eye wear
3)Some out of this world shoulders
4)5 finger half gloves
5)Some crazy accessories
I immediately ran out to Michael's and got a 1 pound bag of rhine-stones (yes 1 pound!) and I dug out some giant black trash bags I had already asked my mom to send me for the costume

You might be thinking to yourself right now "Ali what did you do with the trash bags" - well curious blog reader, let me tell you: I made the crown, belt, ring, earrings and shoulder pieces out of them.

Now you may also be thinking "woe Ali did you just say you made all that stuff with trash bags??? But they look so awesome and structured" - Yes curious blog reader, I did say I turned my trash bags into fierce and fabulous treasures!!
A few weeks ago through the amazing "YouTube for geniuses" (as I like to call it) website called I discovered through a series of links and comments that if you place a plastic bag (trash bag, wal-mart bag etc.) in between 2 pieces for parchment paper and then iron over it, your end product will be a super neato and sturdy sheet of plastic that is perfect for sewing or just cutting and hot gluing. Basically I laid out my trash bags in 4 layers, ironed them out until they were flat and went to work cutting, gluing sewing and bedazzling them into my Gaga gear.
Top left to right: My cube covered right shoulder piece, rhine-stone covered left shoulder piece, crown headband.
Bottom left to right: bedazzled eye wear, ring, left earring, right earring.

  • I didn't include a picture of my belt because it doesn't really look like a belt when it's not on. lol
  • All of my rhine-stones are attached by hot glue.
  • The cubes were made by cutting various sized squares and gluing 3 of them together at the edges (they were only half cube pyramids)
  • The crown was made by just cutting out a crown shape in the flat plastic (not unlike a burger king crown) and then rolling and gluing it to a headband (it had plastic supports on the inside FYI)
  • The ring was just a left over half cube covered in rhine-stones and attached to a ring back
  • The earrings were flat triangles of plastic; one covered in rhinestones and one covered in mini cubes
  • Also to add some edge, I glued a whole bunch of rhine-stones to my neck and chest with Elmer's glue...most of the ones on my neck fell off but the ones on my collar bone area stayed there all night.
OH YEA! I almost forgot to mention I WON THE $100☼

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