Thursday, September 9, 2010

On A Side Note

My mommy would be proud to know that I have been cooking super delicious dinners for myself lately and I have learned that I can use Italian dressing in 5 different ways!
In a salad,
On a pita sandwich,
Sautéd with chicken,
Sautéd with veggies &
Heated with steamed rice
This particular dish in the picture was Italian dressing marinated chicken with brown rice and steamed broccoli (with fresh garlic). It tasted soooo good!!! Though I haven't been making this every night I have been eating mostly rice and veggies. But I always make extra rice so that I can eat half of it fresh with veggies the first night and then sauté the other half the next day with either more veggies or some cold cut turkey and peppers. I also use peanut butter a lot when I cook, I like to mix it into some Ramen noodles with a little teriyaki sauce.
I use either teriyaki, peanut butter or Italian dressing in almost all of my meals basically because that's all I have up at school and also none of them are really that expensive. I also use the word sauté a lot because that's pretty much the only official cooking term I know other than boil, simmer and stir.

Looks like I'm gonna be on the next season of The Next Food Network Star☼

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