Thursday, September 2, 2010

Last One Of The Night

A.B.C. ☼ D.I.Y.
CD picture holder
All I did was hot glue 2 scratched CD's together and then stick some pictures in between them. I unfortunately had to tape the backs of the pictures to the CD's but it's ok because it still looks cool from the front and not like a phony picture holder at all. It's kind of nice because once all the pictures are on the CD back, I only have to use one Command Strip to stick it to the wall☼
Also...While my roommate was off doing sorority things I took it as an opportunity to cover my walls in neato music shrine stuff. I Command Stripped some old records to the wall, cut out some music notes and attached those too and then hung up all of my fav band posters. I also hung up the "keep out" sign that I took from a construction site last year and I of course still have my happy birthday balloon from move in day (im kind of just leaving it because I wanna see how long it will float).
My walls look baller☼

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