Thursday, September 9, 2010

Even More Shelly Goodness!!!

New A.B.Creation
Not so chimey, wind chime

Because I had already destroyed the common room in my dorm with shelly goodness, I decided to make one more cool shelly thing before putting all of my shells away.
I've made a habit out of sitting on my balcony (yes my dorm is THAT cool that is has a balcony) and last weekend, while sitting in my fold up yellow chair, I decided that I want a wind chime to keep me I made one!
The top of it is just a triangle made out of plastic shelf lining "paper" that I had left over from lining my kitchen shelves that morning. Hanging off of that are my 2 sea rocks and 1 big shell which have miscellaneous broken and disfigured glass beads stacked on them. I never know what to do with all the horribly disfigured glass beads I acquire whilst making things but I always keep them for situations like this (and also I feel bad when I throw them away because there are starving kids in third world countries that would be thankful if they had disfigured glass beads to play with).
I basically just tied knots around my rocks and shell, beaded on some "unique" beads, tied those strings to the plastic shelving "paper" and then wrapped the top with some blue twine to make everything look not as ugly.
Also the reason why I called it a "not so chimey" wind chime was because I used rocks and tied them at different heights so they they wont chime, simply because the balcony shares the wall with my room and there is a window right next to my chime and I didn't want to be kept up at night from chimey sounds.

I love my new not so chimey wind chime that looks like something Ke$ha would put in her hair☼

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