Thursday, September 2, 2010

Continued Project

New A.B.C
Matching leopard ring to my leopard necklace
I decided that my fabulous leopard necklace was lonely so I decided to take the one bead that I had left over (I may or may not have set it aside for this project) and make a ring out of it! It was actually super easy (but really time consuming and annoying: it took me roughly 2 episodes of futurama to make it) I discovered that a great way to make jeweled rings is to make a backing for them out of cotton weave fabrics WHO KNEW!?!? and of course, you dont even need to ask if I used E6000 glue (duurrr)
Now I have a super adorable cocktail set☼
(I took a tip from Michael Kors and didn't make earrings because statement beads go best with cocktail rings)

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