Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tradition Is The New Untraditional

A.B.C. Dolce and Gabbana inspired loose chocker
(A big thanks to Kristen Smith for my beautiful beads)
ok so I think it's always super important to keep up with high fashion in order to stay current with what I call "non- fashionable" fashion. Basically you need to know the chiffon, leather and lace in order to look good in the cotton, jeans and dare I say polyester. This A.B.C. was brought about by my recent catching up on the fall 2010 FENDI and of course Dolce and Gabbana ready to wear runway shows. (As seen on http://www.style.com/video/fashion-shows-by-season/love this site!) It's so easy to think that being odd and out of the ordinary is untraditional but im starting to notice the relapse into traditional style. My new Leopard print choker is going back to the tradition of prints♥, spots♥ and black♥. You really cant ever go wrong with these, just keep them classy and not too busy ☼
It's so easy to pop on a print and look super chic!☼

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