Friday, August 27, 2010

Floral, Never Bore-al

I might be getting too into this whole "floral for fall" thing but right now I'm just really luvin it

NEW A.B.C: giant flower wristband

I was informed by Dior Couture fall 2010 that floral is gunna be super big. ( Since I love myself some giant flowers, I decided that I needed an over-sized purple one to put on my wrist!

My late night floral creation (made at 11:58 pm) was a concoction of left over elastic, grommet snaps (because I wanted to test out my new grommet pliers), fabric markers that I wanted to doodle with, sheer ribbon from one of my birthday present wrappings, and left over fabric that I used to test some tie dye with...oh and one purple rhinestone.
I doodled on the elastic after putting on my snaps (I should have done it the other way around but it's too late for common sense) then I hot glued my flower together by layering the sheer ribbon and the tie dyed fabric. Once I finished my flower I glued the rhinestone on top in order to hide my ugly glue marks. Then I popped my "tulipaisey" (the Ali Brin species of flower) onto my wrist band and wala! I now have myself a super huge purple flower that is oh too fabulous☼

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