Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Em LV♥

oh my gosh im so obsessed with this new Louis Voitton speedy bag. I'm so in love that I dont even know which color I like best! I really like the sepia one but fusain is so cool!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Floral, Never Bore-al

I might be getting too into this whole "floral for fall" thing but right now I'm just really luvin it

NEW A.B.C: giant flower wristband

I was informed by Dior Couture fall 2010 that floral is gunna be super big. ( Since I love myself some giant flowers, I decided that I needed an over-sized purple one to put on my wrist!

My late night floral creation (made at 11:58 pm) was a concoction of left over elastic, grommet snaps (because I wanted to test out my new grommet pliers), fabric markers that I wanted to doodle with, sheer ribbon from one of my birthday present wrappings, and left over fabric that I used to test some tie dye with...oh and one purple rhinestone.
I doodled on the elastic after putting on my snaps (I should have done it the other way around but it's too late for common sense) then I hot glued my flower together by layering the sheer ribbon and the tie dyed fabric. Once I finished my flower I glued the rhinestone on top in order to hide my ugly glue marks. Then I popped my "tulipaisey" (the Ali Brin species of flower) onto my wrist band and wala! I now have myself a super huge purple flower that is oh too fabulous☼

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gotta Love That DIY

The latest A.B.C. is really only a halvzies creation because I just improved upon something that I got fo-free :D
So Osprey Productions was giving away these sunglasses this week and of course I had to get them because they were free...aaaaanyway I liked that they were white because of all the thousands of colors I have of these stupid plastic sunglasses I dont have white. After I got them I was walking back to my dorm and had the thought,"hmmm what could be better than white....I know, LEOPARD PRINT!!". And thus my new leopard print sunglasses were born!
HERE'S HOW I DID IT: It was so easy, all I did was draw on them with sharpie BUT! there is one major step after that. When you draw on rough plastic with sharpie it not only gets sticky but it rubs off on everything and turns a nasty shade of gray soooo SOLUTION: I coated the colored parts with clear acrylic gloss paint. WALA! I have super fab new glasses☼

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Did I mention that I totally made a mess on my bed whilst making my A.B.C.

All in the name of fierceness friends☼

Tradition Is The New Untraditional

A.B.C. Dolce and Gabbana inspired loose chocker
(A big thanks to Kristen Smith for my beautiful beads)
ok so I think it's always super important to keep up with high fashion in order to stay current with what I call "non- fashionable" fashion. Basically you need to know the chiffon, leather and lace in order to look good in the cotton, jeans and dare I say polyester. This A.B.C. was brought about by my recent catching up on the fall 2010 FENDI and of course Dolce and Gabbana ready to wear runway shows. (As seen on this site!) It's so easy to think that being odd and out of the ordinary is untraditional but im starting to notice the relapse into traditional style. My new Leopard print choker is going back to the tradition of prints♥, spots♥ and black♥. You really cant ever go wrong with these, just keep them classy and not too busy ☼
It's so easy to pop on a print and look super chic!☼

Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Door Cinema Club. WHO KNEW?

ok so through my ventures in working at the wonderful American Eagle Outfitters I have come to enjoy a super neato new song from a newish band called Two Door Cinema Club. Not only is the one song super good but I just downloaded their CD, "Tourist History" and it's REALLY GOOD alsoaswell!! Im jammin to it right now! anyway....below is a link to the song that got me attached to them. ENJOY☼

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's The Little Things

It's really important to be able to enjoy even the smallest little particles of life. The picture on the right is from a super duper annoying GEICO commercial that I hate to hear but I LOVE to watch.
You may think to yourself, "Why do you like this stupid commercial Ali?!?!?".
I have one simple answer for you...the holding pinwheels. It is priceless pricelessness that should be enjoyed for no reason other than pinwheels. ☼

Leaf Earring A.B.C.

Mixed metal leaf and wood bead earrings ☼

Fashion Factoid: Add leaves to any boho outfit and you have yourself an easy hippy chic way of making your friends jealous of your innovative style :D