Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Im Available On ETSY.COM

For all you viewers who have been asking how to get an A.B.C. , I'm super excited to say that A.B. Creations are now available on


Sunday, December 5, 2010


So I got some feedback from people asking about the clothes that I make so I decided to make a sort of throwback/ show-off post with some of the clothing I have made in the past few years. Hope you enjoy ☼

Stippled floral, silk cotton, one shouldered dress with rosette detail.

Cotton bubble skirt and "Paper or Plastic" recycled dress for a high school art project

Blue cotton blend mini dress

Silk leopard print blouson top and cotton purple mini skirt

Purple satin homecoming dress

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bringing Down The House

The Ready Set was so awesome even though I got all sorts of boo boos and ouchies from the girl that decided to attack me from behind lol

Hey Monday totally brought the house down, It was a long concert but they made it worth it for all of us sweaty tired people!

Who's Rockin' A.B.Cs???

I recently took a ride over to The Culture Room in Ft.Lauderdale to see a super awesome concert. The lineup was as follows: The Ever After, We Are The In Crowd, The Ready Set, Cartel, and Hey Monday. All the bands were amazing and the show was awesome (even though This Century wasn't able to make it). After the show I got to meet up with some of the bands and see what they thought of my A.B.C's.

Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set!!!!

Travis Rountree of The Ready Set!

Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd!

Needless to say it was an awesome night☼

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tied With A Bow

NEW A.B.C. Bow not for the hair (lol)
I recently went thrifting with my friend Carmela and I came across a super neato pin. I took the pin backing off of it and attached some metal pieces that I could put a chain on. Wala I made a super cool bow necklace!

When I wear it I feel like I'm someones holiday gift☼

Cute Things!!

A.B.C. Heart Pendant Necklace
I thought I would try something different this time. I have been making long necklaces a lot lately and I thought I should change it up a bit. Also I have been working with chain and hardware quite a bit. This necklace is not only short (it falls just past the collarbone) but the "chain" of it is actually woven together pearl beads.
My roommate got me this pendant for my birthday and I'm totally in love with it! The granite looking piece is so neat and I don't have anything else like it. This is the kind of necklace that you just throw on with a graphic-T and look super cool and awesome without trying!

Gotta love simple statement jewelry☼

Monday, November 22, 2010

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

NEW A.B.C. Recycled plastic Wrist Bands
These new awesome bracelets are not only cool looking but they are made out of Eco friendly materials. The band itself is made out of plastic bags! Just like how I made my Lady Gaga costume, I melted down some other plastic super market bags and made these!

I was able to meet Danny Duncan from We The Kings about a week ago and I gave him one of the black plastic bracelets. He seemed to think it was pretty cool.
(I also gave Travis Clark one but I didn't want to bother him with another picture because he had a broken leg and was looking like it really hurt)(I also met Hunter but he left early so I didn't get to give him a wrist band. Maybe next time)

Seriously I was more excited to meet all of them then I was to give them A.B.Creations, although that was the icing on the cake ☼

Friday, November 12, 2010

Trash can be treasured!

A.B.C. A bunch of stuff on a pin
This isnt a new ABC because I made it last winter but it's still super cool and one of my favorite accessories! Basically, I took a piece of plastic (that I broke off of a CD case) and covered it in various items such as rhinestones, metallic beads, computer microchips, and broken glass beads. I also rapped some metallic thread around the plainish parts to add some pizzaz. The only thing I had to buy was a pin back; the rest is all incredibly fabulous junk!

I love my super cluttered pin!
It adds a little shimmer shimmer sparkle to every outfit☼

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What do ya think?

Hey guys! Tell me what you like, dislike or would want to see on my blog at

who knows there could be cool prizes involved if you do☼ ;D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Uh oh, Ive been cooking agaaaiin!!
This time I tried making some General Tso's inspired stir fry. I reduced teriyaki sauce, honey and mustard into a thick sauce and I mixed in some onions, and red and green peppers. I cooked the chicken in the sauce and then mixed in some steamed veggies right before I topped my white rice. And of course I had an egg roll on the side.

Im getting so good at making yummies☼

Saturday, October 23, 2010

!!!!!♪♫THIS CENTURY♫♪!!!!!!

OK so this post isn't about an A.B.C. it's about an A.B.F.B. (Ali Brin Fave Band)
If you haven't already heard of "This Century", you need to take a listen!
Also here is my favorite song:

Story time: I became super in love with the band "The Maine" last year and I was watching a tour update that they put on YouTube. In the video, the band was jamming to another band as they drove somewhere...I fell in love with the song that was playing in the background and after searching the lyrics in google, I discovered "This Century". I downloaded all of the music that they had available and they became the soundtrack to my summer. I literally woke up to "No Way Out" almost every morning and I always made super cool dances to it. Last Thursday (Oct 21, 2010) My friend, my sister and I went to one of the concerts that This Century was playing in but we missed their set because we all had late classes. There was supposed to be a meet and greet after the show so we decided to walk around the venue and wait for that instead of paying $18 to listen to half the bands from the line up (we're poor college students). As the three of us were walking around Jax Beach we came to this street and down the street we saw a bunch of guys packing up a van...who were those guys??...THEY WERE THIS CENTURY!! packing up after their set!!!! The three of us walked over to them and were basically like "hi we missed your set cause we had class and now we're sad", SO THEN!! somehow something magical happened and they ended up playing an acoustic version of "No Way Out" for us out of the side of their van!!! (video below)

I was so ecstatic!!! Last summer while jamming and breaking it down to This Century's music I never would have thought that in a few months they would be singing to/with me!!! OH AND WAIT! It gets better...once they were done packing up, we walked with them back to the concert venue!!! BUT WAIT IT GETS BETTER!! We hung out with them for a few hours!!! They had to go in and out of the venue a few times but the three of us just waited until the meet and greet and then after that we all just chatted!!!

We took pictures together!! (awesomeness)
(I'm always surprised at how short I am when I look at pictures)
From left to right: Joel-lead singer, Sean- guitar, Alex- the temp bass player while Alex the usual bass player is sick, and Ryan-drums
Fun Facts!
Joel- actually knew what I was talking about when I alluded to Coheed and Cambria...he also wants to be a fish
Sean- told me about this awesome designer named John Derian (check him out: also!! Sean lived in New York and has family on Long Island just like me!!
Alex and Ryan disapeared for most of night so we spent most of our time chillin with Joel and Sean but according to Alex and Ryan- Sand and snow are made of the same is just a frozen version of the other .... who knew? {lolz}

I brought them bracelets that I made with Jacksonville Beach shells on them so they can have a souvenir from the show. And during the forevers that we were chit chatting we started talking about crafts and I mentioned my lady gaga costume and all of my recycled plastic crafts that I did and they all thought my trash bag bow was awesome and they wanted cool trash bag jewelry too.
The lead singer Joel and the guitarist Sean were so cool, they hung out with us all night!! My friend, my sister and I are gunna see them again in November and bring them their awesome new swag and it's gunna be great!!!☼

Here's the video of No Way Out

But Wait There's More

After I finished making my Lady Gaga costume I still had some melted trash bag left so my A.B.C.s after that were this Gaga Bow and this Super Awesome Gaga Clutch bag.
My bow is my classic bow design but with a bunch of rotated squares in the middle for flair.
The clutch bag is a simple envelope design with a rectangular slit cut in the overlap and a loop attached to the body of the bag that goes through the slit when you close it. I attached a stopper thingy that you put through the loop so that the bag stays closed. It took me a while to think of but I my Gaga Clutch came out pretty good don't ya think?!

I love having a little bit of fierceness to add to every outfit☼


My latest A.B.C. is most definitely fierce. I was sitting in biology talking with my friend about how I don't know what I'm doing for Halloween when he informed me that the honors program was having a costume contest in 2 days and the winner would get $100. I of course flipped because if you know me, you know I always start making my awesome costumes at the beginning of October and I already had plans of making an AMAZING Lady Gaga costume. Aaaanyway... when I got back to my dorm I started brain storming ideas of how to make Gaga happen in 2 days. I already had:
1) A black leotard
2)Black lace tights
3)A cotton pencil skirt

and all I needed was
1) A fierce crown
2) Bedazzled eye wear
3)Some out of this world shoulders
4)5 finger half gloves
5)Some crazy accessories
I immediately ran out to Michael's and got a 1 pound bag of rhine-stones (yes 1 pound!) and I dug out some giant black trash bags I had already asked my mom to send me for the costume

You might be thinking to yourself right now "Ali what did you do with the trash bags" - well curious blog reader, let me tell you: I made the crown, belt, ring, earrings and shoulder pieces out of them.

Now you may also be thinking "woe Ali did you just say you made all that stuff with trash bags??? But they look so awesome and structured" - Yes curious blog reader, I did say I turned my trash bags into fierce and fabulous treasures!!
A few weeks ago through the amazing "YouTube for geniuses" (as I like to call it) website called I discovered through a series of links and comments that if you place a plastic bag (trash bag, wal-mart bag etc.) in between 2 pieces for parchment paper and then iron over it, your end product will be a super neato and sturdy sheet of plastic that is perfect for sewing or just cutting and hot gluing. Basically I laid out my trash bags in 4 layers, ironed them out until they were flat and went to work cutting, gluing sewing and bedazzling them into my Gaga gear.
Top left to right: My cube covered right shoulder piece, rhine-stone covered left shoulder piece, crown headband.
Bottom left to right: bedazzled eye wear, ring, left earring, right earring.

  • I didn't include a picture of my belt because it doesn't really look like a belt when it's not on. lol
  • All of my rhine-stones are attached by hot glue.
  • The cubes were made by cutting various sized squares and gluing 3 of them together at the edges (they were only half cube pyramids)
  • The crown was made by just cutting out a crown shape in the flat plastic (not unlike a burger king crown) and then rolling and gluing it to a headband (it had plastic supports on the inside FYI)
  • The ring was just a left over half cube covered in rhine-stones and attached to a ring back
  • The earrings were flat triangles of plastic; one covered in rhinestones and one covered in mini cubes
  • Also to add some edge, I glued a whole bunch of rhine-stones to my neck and chest with Elmer's glue...most of the ones on my neck fell off but the ones on my collar bone area stayed there all night.
OH YEA! I almost forgot to mention I WON THE $100☼

Thursday, September 30, 2010


aaand I made another bow
Sewing Bow!!

yea thats about it....I saw some girl on with a bow like it and I set out on a mission to find ribbon that was like measuring tape and a button that was scissors....wala!

I love my nerdy little bow☼

Just A Little Trash

For those of you who have been living under a rock since last winter...Ke$ha is super awesome!! She has created this awesome new look of trash-to-fab and it's amazing. This new trashy chic has caused the dawn of the feathers and I LOVE IT! Everyone who is cool has been wearing feathers in their hair and also FEATHER EARRINGS!! For the past week or two I have been on the search for striped feathers and I finally found then at Michaels (hurray)
My awesome feather earrings not only have feathers (duh) but they have three different metal tones (I figured that if I'm making feather earrings, i might as well make then wearable with any metal tone)
My latest A.B.Creation: Flashy Trashy Feather Earrings!!

also here is the link to mah fave hilariously genius Coheed and Cambria song..."Feathers"

Feather me mine☼

Thursday, September 9, 2010

On A Side Note

My mommy would be proud to know that I have been cooking super delicious dinners for myself lately and I have learned that I can use Italian dressing in 5 different ways!
In a salad,
On a pita sandwich,
Sautéd with chicken,
Sautéd with veggies &
Heated with steamed rice
This particular dish in the picture was Italian dressing marinated chicken with brown rice and steamed broccoli (with fresh garlic). It tasted soooo good!!! Though I haven't been making this every night I have been eating mostly rice and veggies. But I always make extra rice so that I can eat half of it fresh with veggies the first night and then sauté the other half the next day with either more veggies or some cold cut turkey and peppers. I also use peanut butter a lot when I cook, I like to mix it into some Ramen noodles with a little teriyaki sauce.
I use either teriyaki, peanut butter or Italian dressing in almost all of my meals basically because that's all I have up at school and also none of them are really that expensive. I also use the word sauté a lot because that's pretty much the only official cooking term I know other than boil, simmer and stir.

Looks like I'm gonna be on the next season of The Next Food Network Star☼

Im Leopard/Cheetah Obsessed

NEW A.B.Creation
Cheetah Print Bow
(I would say leopard but I really think the fabric is more cheetah-y)
ok so I made a new friend a few days ago who is just as in love with leopard print things as I am and she was wearing this super awesome leopard print headband. Needless to say...I was so incredibly jealous of it! So what did Ali do? She made her own super neato hair bow!! (I prefer barrette bows to headband bows because they stay better in my moderately uncontrollable hair).
I used some fabric that I had left over from my "Josie and the Pussy Cats" costume from 3 years ago (it was one of my favorite costumes, I made myself a "long tail" and "ears for a hat", I also had a blow up guitar) I was so glad that I brought this fabric up to school with me because if I didnt I would have had to make a trip to Joann Fabrics and anyone who knows me knows that Joann's is like wal-mart for me, I cant go in for just one thing, I always end buying the whole store!
I've got jungle fever because of my awesome new hair bow☼

Even More Shelly Goodness!!!

New A.B.Creation
Not so chimey, wind chime

Because I had already destroyed the common room in my dorm with shelly goodness, I decided to make one more cool shelly thing before putting all of my shells away.
I've made a habit out of sitting on my balcony (yes my dorm is THAT cool that is has a balcony) and last weekend, while sitting in my fold up yellow chair, I decided that I want a wind chime to keep me I made one!
The top of it is just a triangle made out of plastic shelf lining "paper" that I had left over from lining my kitchen shelves that morning. Hanging off of that are my 2 sea rocks and 1 big shell which have miscellaneous broken and disfigured glass beads stacked on them. I never know what to do with all the horribly disfigured glass beads I acquire whilst making things but I always keep them for situations like this (and also I feel bad when I throw them away because there are starving kids in third world countries that would be thankful if they had disfigured glass beads to play with).
I basically just tied knots around my rocks and shell, beaded on some "unique" beads, tied those strings to the plastic shelving "paper" and then wrapped the top with some blue twine to make everything look not as ugly.
Also the reason why I called it a "not so chimey" wind chime was because I used rocks and tied them at different heights so they they wont chime, simply because the balcony shares the wall with my room and there is a window right next to my chime and I didn't want to be kept up at night from chimey sounds.

I love my new not so chimey wind chime that looks like something Ke$ha would put in her hair☼

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shelly Belly

I have this crazy addiction to collecting shells. It's probably because shells are the ultimate form of natural art. My favorite is when I find orange black and pink shells!!! Anyway, I decided to lay out all the bags of shells that I brought with me to school and I filled up an entire table with them.
So what did I do with all those shells??
Shelly key chain!!
I have this giant ass Dolce and Gabbana that I'm absolutely in love with. It's amazing but it doesnt really have a lot of detail. As I was making my daily fashion blog rounds a few days ago I noticed that had a new project idea for a charming key chain. I was immediately in love and figured I would put my thousand bajillion shells to good use and make a super awesome boho key chain.

My bag looks fierce fabulous and boho chic now ☼

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ipod Savior

Did I mention that I got my Ipod fixed...cause I did. My life can now continue.
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Drew from the apple store. Also Drew if you are reading this....I think I love you thatisall☼

Last One Of The Night

A.B.C. ☼ D.I.Y.
CD picture holder
All I did was hot glue 2 scratched CD's together and then stick some pictures in between them. I unfortunately had to tape the backs of the pictures to the CD's but it's ok because it still looks cool from the front and not like a phony picture holder at all. It's kind of nice because once all the pictures are on the CD back, I only have to use one Command Strip to stick it to the wall☼
Also...While my roommate was off doing sorority things I took it as an opportunity to cover my walls in neato music shrine stuff. I Command Stripped some old records to the wall, cut out some music notes and attached those too and then hung up all of my fav band posters. I also hung up the "keep out" sign that I took from a construction site last year and I of course still have my happy birthday balloon from move in day (im kind of just leaving it because I wanna see how long it will float).
My walls look baller☼

I Was Busy Not Doing Homework

New A.B.C.
Large print floral mini bow
I was sitting in Biology on Wednesday and I noticed that the girl in front of me had this super adorable floral bow. I decided at that moment that I wanted a bow more tiny and adorable then her's. This one was probably the most complex bow I've made so far because it has 3 parts to it (holy moly) ☼
I'm gunna wear my new bow to class tomorrow and show that girl up ☼

Continued Project

New A.B.C
Matching leopard ring to my leopard necklace
I decided that my fabulous leopard necklace was lonely so I decided to take the one bead that I had left over (I may or may not have set it aside for this project) and make a ring out of it! It was actually super easy (but really time consuming and annoying: it took me roughly 2 episodes of futurama to make it) I discovered that a great way to make jeweled rings is to make a backing for them out of cotton weave fabrics WHO KNEW!?!? and of course, you dont even need to ask if I used E6000 glue (duurrr)
Now I have a super adorable cocktail set☼
(I took a tip from Michael Kors and didn't make earrings because statement beads go best with cocktail rings)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Em LV♥

oh my gosh im so obsessed with this new Louis Voitton speedy bag. I'm so in love that I dont even know which color I like best! I really like the sepia one but fusain is so cool!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Floral, Never Bore-al

I might be getting too into this whole "floral for fall" thing but right now I'm just really luvin it

NEW A.B.C: giant flower wristband

I was informed by Dior Couture fall 2010 that floral is gunna be super big. ( Since I love myself some giant flowers, I decided that I needed an over-sized purple one to put on my wrist!

My late night floral creation (made at 11:58 pm) was a concoction of left over elastic, grommet snaps (because I wanted to test out my new grommet pliers), fabric markers that I wanted to doodle with, sheer ribbon from one of my birthday present wrappings, and left over fabric that I used to test some tie dye with...oh and one purple rhinestone.
I doodled on the elastic after putting on my snaps (I should have done it the other way around but it's too late for common sense) then I hot glued my flower together by layering the sheer ribbon and the tie dyed fabric. Once I finished my flower I glued the rhinestone on top in order to hide my ugly glue marks. Then I popped my "tulipaisey" (the Ali Brin species of flower) onto my wrist band and wala! I now have myself a super huge purple flower that is oh too fabulous☼

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gotta Love That DIY

The latest A.B.C. is really only a halvzies creation because I just improved upon something that I got fo-free :D
So Osprey Productions was giving away these sunglasses this week and of course I had to get them because they were free...aaaaanyway I liked that they were white because of all the thousands of colors I have of these stupid plastic sunglasses I dont have white. After I got them I was walking back to my dorm and had the thought,"hmmm what could be better than white....I know, LEOPARD PRINT!!". And thus my new leopard print sunglasses were born!
HERE'S HOW I DID IT: It was so easy, all I did was draw on them with sharpie BUT! there is one major step after that. When you draw on rough plastic with sharpie it not only gets sticky but it rubs off on everything and turns a nasty shade of gray soooo SOLUTION: I coated the colored parts with clear acrylic gloss paint. WALA! I have super fab new glasses☼